October 2, 2018

Game Show Network Announces New Episodes of Documentary Series ‘Cover Story’

Returns Sundays This Fall at 7 p.m. ET and Kicks Off With COVER STORY: Game Show Super Contestants’ on October 21

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Game Show Network’s COVER STORY, a one-hour documentary series that looks at the fascinating personalities, memorable moments and outrageous scandals in and around the most popular games and shows of all time will return to Sundays this fall at 7 p.m. ET, beginning on October 21 with COVER STORY: Game Show Super Contestants.

The premiere episode will explore the incredible stories of contestants who won the largest prizes and had the most memorable wins on some of the most popular and beloved game shows. From Ken Jennings’ record 74-game-winning streak on “Jeopardy!” to Caitlyn Burke guessing a 27-letter “Wheel of Fortune” phrase with just one letter, to Georgia School Superintendent Kathy Cox winning $1 Million on “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” this COVER STORY will go in depth with never-before-seen interviews of TV’s greatest contestants and delve into the effects of the winnings on their life - what they did with their huge prizes and where they are now.

Upcoming new episodes include:

COVER STORY: The Newlywed Game Most Outrageous Answers (October 28)

“The Newlywed Game” has made audiences laugh for decades, with its naughty innuendos and colorful contestants. Hosted by Trish Suhr, Newlywed Game: Most Outrageous Answers will feature the most outrageous and hilarious moments from the show, spanning over many seasons. COVER STORY will revisit unforgettable couples and wild confessions from the game show that made “whoopy” a household term.

COVER STORY: Wheel of Fortune Greatest Moments (November 4)

“Wheel of Fortune” is one of America’s longest running and most beloved game shows. OnWheel Of Fortune: Greatest Moments, host Trish Suhr will take viewers on an entertaining ride, celebrating the show’s greatest moments featuring amazing solves, missteps, bloopers, and laugh-out-loud clips.

COVER STORY: Playing the Slots Big Winners and Cheaters (November 18)

They say lightning never strikes in the same place twice but try telling that to some of these lucky gamblers. Playing the Slots: Big Winners & Cheaters, tells the stories of people such as Guadalupe Lopez, a $2.4 million slot winner and mother to international megastar, Jennifer Lopez, who believes that her prayers were answered when she was guided to a winning machine. $10.3 million slot winner, Mark Hodos, dreamt that a specific slot machine would win big, and then did! We’ll hear from those who won millions, and those who thought they won big, only to have their dreams of wealth shattered. Plus, convicted slot cheat, Tommy Carmichael, will reveal how he managed to make the one arm bandit pay out thousands on any spin. Slot machine designers and experts explain why most gamblers are really losing, even when they think they’re winning, and how these thrilling machines are designed to stimulate gamblers’ senses and keep them coming back and spending, time and time again.

COVER STORY: Scandal The MIT Blackjack Ring (December 2)

A group of students at MIT were offered an extra-curricular opportunity that would change their lives forever and become pop culture legend. These student gamblers learned how to tilt the odds in their favor while playing blackjack, which led to big money, and big trouble. Over the next two decades, the founders of the MIT Blackjack Team recruited and trained students to use their smarts to beat the house. Students began living double lives, laser focused on academics during the week, and gambling and enjoying the luxurious life on weekends. That is, until one day a traitor sold the players out causing the whole blackjack ring to come crashing down. COVER STORY will take you on this captivating journey through first hand interviews with the original MIT Blackjack team founders, personal photos, and a story that became legendary.

COVER STORY is produced by Brent Zacky and Michael Spierer of Ashley Oaks Media.